Rijn du Toit acts as an advisor on Common Law to Antonio Ribeiro Baguinho Advogados.. 

Rijn has practised law for more than fifteen years, ten years of which in Amsterdam, and more than five years of which as Common Law advisor to Menezes and Redinha Macau Lawyers. His mixed Common and Civil law training and experience in scores of jurisdictions make him particularly sensitive to the demands of dealing with matters involving different jurisdictions and allow him to be especially effective in legal matters with cross-border elements, particularly in mergers and acquisitions, general corporate law, real estate transactions, contract law, and banking.

Rijn graduated in Law (and in English) from the Universities of Pretoria (1991) and Cape Town (1994), after which he did comparative legal research on Common and Civil law at the University of Amsterdam.

Languages: English, Afrikaans, Dutch, and Portuguese

Email: rijn.toit@arblegal.com

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