António  Ribeiro  Baguinho  offers  commercial,  litigation and general legal advice, with concentrations in the following areas: 

Corporate  Commercial:  We represent a wide scope  of  service  of   domestic and international clients  on a diverse  range of commercial transactions including:
     - Corporate structuring and restructuring;
     - Setting up of joint ventures & strategic alliances;
     - Establishment and maintenance of limited companies;
     - Acquisitions of businesses, assets and shares;
     - Personal and corporate tax planning;
     - Agency and distributorship planning; and
     - Liaison work with key government agencies.

Real Estate:   We are  involved  in  all  aspects of property development in Macau such as:
    - Negotiating new grants or modifications of Government leases,
      concessions and entitlements;
    - Conveyance of all types of properties;
    - Property development and construction financing;
    - Preparing  tenancy  agreements  and  advising  on  all tenancy matters.

Construction Law: We provide a wide scope of service in construction law, including preparation and advising on construction contracts, permitting, government contract bidding  and  negotiations, and construction dispute resolutions.

Finance:  Our  firm  acts  for  a  substantial  number  of  leading  local and international financial institutions  and corporate lenders and offers a  wide scope of services such as:
     - Mortgage loan and other related security documentation;
     - Banking advice on both general and specific matters.

Employment Law:  We regularly provide employment law consultation to employers and employees on:
     - Rights  and  obligations  under  the Employment Ordinance of Macau;
     - Drafting  and  enforcement  of employment contracts of staff manuals;
     - Statutory   requirements  of  several  payment,  long  service Payment
       and other complex issues involved in transfer of business and corporate

Intellectual Property:  We  provide  a  wide  ranged of services relating to intellectual property:
    - Applying for registration of trade marks;
    - Attending  assignment,  renewal and other post registration matters;
    - Negotiation and drafting of trade mark licence agreements;
    - Applying for registration of standard patents; and
    - Enforcement of intellectual property rights.

Gaming Law: We provide clients with an integrated approach to the full range of gaming issues in Macau, including:
    - Registration of gaming promoters (also know a "Junkets");
    - Drafting and consulting services related to contracts between
      gaming promoters and casino gaming operators;
    - Drafting internal Codes of Conduct;
    - Consulting services on due-diligence and compliance issues;

We also focus on casino-related due diligence investigations and transactions, including coordinating feasibility studies and regulatory compliance projects for integrated casino-hotel projects on behalf of developers, financial partners and international casino operators throughout the region.

Plus, the Senior Partner is a Private Notary,  with competence to perform all notary acts as provided by law, such as:
    - Incorporation of companies and all the necessary amendments and
      changes to the companies Articles of Association;
    - Property sale and purchase deeds;
    - Mortgage deeds.

All legal matters are monitored by one of the Senior Partners that follows the client at all times, executing on each matter submitted to the firm, the appropriate supervision.